La cucina e’ il focolare della casa.  Un posto sacro, la fonte del nutrimento per il corpo e per l’anima.

The kitchen is the hearth of the home. A sacred place, the source of nourishment for the body and for our soul.


Benvenuti nel mio blog!

My name is Iose’. I’m Italian and I moved to New York several years ago. Back then I would have never imagined such a big change in my life. I was born and grew up in southern Italy surrounded by beautiful places and fantastic colors offered by nature and fed by the amazing flavors of the local traditional food. I didn’t realize how lucky I was, I always took all of this for granted, as it had always been a part of my life.

Before I moved to New York, I lived in Rome for many years.

I embraced a new beginning and moved to New York to be with my husband. We lived together for a while, shared many experiences together, got married and after a few years we decided to create a family and we were blessed with two wonderful boys.

No other experiences in life could have been more rewarding than this. I love to care for my children and I love to see them growing. A large part of taking care of my family is focused on healthy habits and eating. Cooking has always been something that I enjoyed to do, but since I became a mother it is now a priority. I try to cook every day and make sure that we end the day sitting at the table together to share a meal and our thoughts and stories about the day that is about to end.

Cooking is a pleasure for me and a special time where I can relax my mind while exploring endless combinations of flavors and colors. It brings me to another mental state, a very quiet and safe place to be.

Not long ago I started to practice traditional meditation, only to realize that I have been practing meditation all along. Sitting meditation is not the only form of meditation, in fact I believe that every form of presence of the mind and  great focus involves some kind of meditation: walking, laying down, eating, COOKING and every other action done in a mindful way can translate into meditation: we simply become mindful of our experience.

Growing up in southern Italy has definitely had a strong impact on my way of cooking and especially in choosing specific ingredients to cook with. Lemons, garlic, capers and bright red vine tomatoes are rarely missing from my kitchen, especially the lemons. I could find a way to add a lemon or its zest to almost any dish! Despite my Sicilian influence, during the past years I have changed my way of cooking. I explored different cuisines and I have become obsessed with more organic healthy meals cooked in a simple yet delicious way.

This blog was created with the intention to reorganize my recipes and to share with others my passion for cooking.  All the recipes posted on this blog are the result of years of cooking for the people I care for most and the result of personal experiences and research on healthy lifestyle choices. These recipes are always prepared with organic ingredients and love. I believe this is truly one of the most important ingredients to obtain great dishes!

I hope you’ll enjoy cooking with these recipes that I will be posting on this blog as much as I do. Feel free to leave your comments, good or bad. I need both, the first to keep me going and the second to adjust to whatever doesn’t taste quite right to you.

Buon appetito!

last update February, 2018